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Dan the Musicman




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Starting a new band

Posted by Dan Wiebe on November 4, 2014 at 4:10 PM Comments comments ()

I haven't posted on this blog in quite a while, and it’s definitely time.

Lots of changes have been going on with the Southwest Surfers. The other band members have decided that they would like to take the band to the next level, and feel that I would hinder their progress to attain this level, due to my need to make a living as a full time musician. They want to perform only as a 5 piece group and do larger events that pay more money.

I wish them luck and have no hard feelings. Bands don't stay together forever and change seems to be inevitable in the music business.

So I have taken this past summer to audition new talent and have found some extremely gifted guys that are more aligned with where I’m at, playing to the snowbird market in the east valley. I’m proud to announce my new band called “Cool Vibrations”. We are a 60’s rock and roll band, playing all the favorite dance music that works with the over 55 crowd.

Keep your ears open, we may be playing at an event near you.


Midway through the snowbird season

Posted by Dan Wiebe on February 15, 2011 at 12:54 AM Comments comments ()

Well I think we're about half way through the snowbird season. I notice my schedule starts dropping off around mid March. But until then I'm going gangbusters.

Had some great things happen in the past few months. New Years Eve was a great success, and we've found that our trio with Dave, Jim and I can be very effective. We're able to pull off a number of Beach Boy tunes, and with Dave filling in on keyboard its been pretty smooth. Johnson Ranch really likes us and we're scheduled to go back a few more times in the spring. the've also asked me to do a few nights of solo cowboy tunes, which has been fun.

The Southwest Surfers is struggling a bit, Mike Gerry has left our group, but has been replaced John Janke. We've been rehearsing to get John comfortable with our music, but through him into the fire for his first gig for a 600+ crowd at Viewpoint RV resort. It was rough around the edges but it all worked out. I'm sure about the time the season is over he'll be sounding great. John is a great singer and will definitly add another strong vocal to our group.

I'm starting to get a few calls for next year. which means hopefully the Southwest Surfers will get a little more traction in the marketplace. The Activity Directors I've talked to are very excited for us and think we'll bring in the right kind of music as their crowds get younger.

You never know what's around the bend

Posted by Dan Wiebe on December 22, 2010 at 10:37 PM Comments comments ()

Its Christmas time. Although I'm not feeling overly joyous about the whole thing, I'm thrilled to have a couple weeks off from work. Its been a long time since I've just sat around, watching the grass grow. It isn't a bad thing, I feel the need to recharge the batteries, I've been pretty busy keeping up with two jobs - Omnimount (day job) and the music, band business,

Speaking of music business, I've been doing really well, staying busy this season. Its been coming in spurts. Done a few things I haven't done in a long time. Had a road trip to Farmington, NM and played a gig with the Lounge Katz, which was pretty painless.  Did 3 Christmas caroling gigs. The easy kind, just me and my guitar. Again pretty painless.

Still want to find a few more gigs for the upcoming months. I've got 5 or 6 per month, but would like to find a few more. I keep ads on the internet and sending out emails to oldies band saying I'm available. The way thing are going, who knows... 

Merry Chistmas everyone!!


I'm going through a funky period.

Posted by Dan Wiebe on August 30, 2010 at 10:46 AM Comments comments ()

I'm definitly going through a funky period. Looking for some direction. Got lots of irons in the fire. Running ads looking for band type stuff. Looking for venues to do my solo act, and auditioned as a part time music director for a Lutheran Church. I'll know more next week about the position.


I was hoping the Southwest Surfers would pick up a few corporate events, but so far in the last year and half we've played one. We've been a big hit in the East Valley playing for the retired folks at RV parks, etc. Maybe this season we'll pick up the pace a little, and get more corporate stuff.


Spent some time last weekend getting out and listenning to a couple of solo acts in my part of town. The venues were full of people which is good to see. Don't see a economic slow down at these places. One guy was playing tunes I'd never heard. But the crowd seems to know them and were mouthing the words. Which brings me to another topic for another day. What kind of tunes does a solo act play for a typical happy hour crowd? The other guy was playing the standard crowd pleasers - songs that I recognized.


Would like to play in another oldies group. Funny how I wasn't always excited about playing with Exit 40 band, but I'm starting to miss it. So I'm running ads...maybe something will pop up. It only takes one good lead to really get rolling again. 


Funny how life is. I've been on a roll for the past year. But suddenly thing came to screaching halt. Hopfully not for long...but I need to light the fires and get my butt out into the music scene again.







I need to blog more

Posted by Dan Wiebe on July 23, 2010 at 12:43 AM Comments comments ()

Wow just reviewed some of my old blogs...its kind of like a journal. But I need some new stuff, so here goes.


I spent last season playing with Timeless Melodies, the Southwest Surfers, and the Exit 40 Band. Between the three groups I was averaging 10 gigs a month, which is pretty good for a part time player. Danthemusicman has taken a back seat. But last week while hosting a family retreat I did a couple of hours of solo stuff. All the tunes are still there and I can do it at a moments notice, so don't think I disappeared.


I've enjoyed doing the band thing again. I like the comradere and vocal harmony. The Beach Boys thing has been a blast and we're really hoping it will do well this coming season. the Exit 40 band has been an interesting surprise. We do dance music for the older crowd, and they really like 50's and 60's music, mixed with some country. Its pretty fun.


I did learn something new this summer. I've been playing upright bass now for a few years. I purchased a beautiful instrument, and love playing it. I joined a jazz/blues group so I could play it more. But I've found out I'm not the musical type that can just be the bass player in group. It gets really boring and its just not fun for me. I need to be entertaining and singing. So now I'm looking for an acoustic group that has good vocals and needs an upright bass player. It could be an interesting combo and I'm not exactly sure what kind of music will work. I do love vocal harmony and one good instrumental soloist. Stay tuned for more news on this front.


Well that's about it. My calendar this coming season isn't looking as busy as it has in the past, but I sure hope the phone keeps ringing.


Tryin' to keep up the Ho Ho Ho

Posted by Dan Wiebe on December 17, 2008 at 10:03 PM Comments comments ()

This Christmas season has put me in some unlikely places and I've been running into old musician friends. Most of them I've known for more that 20 years and played gigs with them in my younger days. It?s been great to catch up and hear their stories. In many ways I'm jealous and that I didn't continue to pursue my passion of playing music as they have. But when I was younger, I was blest to be surrounded by some incredibly talented people. Musicians that had more God given musical gift in their little finger than I had in my whole body, and it made me aware of my level of musical talent.  I came to the conclusion that I would never be the same caliber of player, nor did I have the focus or drive to become a great musician. These guys always made it look so easy!

Now that I'm older and wiser I know I made the right decisions. Developing a good occupation, raising my family, and playing music part time was the better road for me. I'm still excited about every gig I play...I've never suffered from burn out, and it?s still my favorite pastime!

Last week I had a Pastor ask me what would make this Christmas season extra special for me. I think I've found the answer, it's pretty simple. Just visiting with old friends and realizing, I've been extremely blest. That the roads I've followed were the right one's for me and to find solace, knowing I'm doing just fine according to God's plan.


Doin' a little bit of everything

Posted by Dan Wiebe on October 24, 2008 at 12:27 AM Comments comments ()
Was just looking over my November schedule. Two retirement home gigs, two Moonlighter's band gigs and two Timeless Melodies gigs. Wow...I'm all over the board. I've always been a firm believer in the "the more you can do, the more you work". Its been a blessing and a curse.  Playing multiple instruments is a great thing, as long as you play them well. Lately I've been practicing a lot of Ukulele and upright bass - they need the most attention. Uke is easy and its more fun than anything, upright bass is a seriously challenging instrument, and it will always be a work in progress. Sure some guys fake it pretty good, but real upright players are serious dudes! Right now I'm still in the fake it mode. its fun, but it makes my fingers sore - need to build up the callouses. I worked up a pretty good blister over this past weekend. But that's a good thing.

Its time to rev the engines, and blow out the dust

Posted by Dan Wiebe on August 23, 2008 at 11:04 AM Comments comments ()

Well I'm getting excited about playing music this fall. Lots of different musical groups to play with, I just hope they don't over lap to much.

I'm going in a different direction this year with my solo act. Seems everyone wants something different. They're tired of the same old guitar guys playing the same old tunes. I've noticed the world music, ethnic stuff is very popular. So I've put together a great set list of tropical, beach tunes and will market myself as a Jimmy Buffet wannabe. Heck who knows...I enjoy playing the music... its happy, upbeat... it could work?

Ukulele Ray and the Kokonutz are now settling into a slow simmer. We were busy coming out of the chute doing a few low pay gigs, but its quickly fading. The act is there, but this is Ray's baby. We'll see what gigs he comes up with.

Timeless Melodies could be busy this year. Dave plans on a full marketing campaign when he gets back into town, and we have 8 or so gigs already on the books. We have the variety show and the gospel show - completely different from one and other. The variety show uses primarily back up tracks and is all about entertaining and energy. The Gospel show is all live instrumentation and is focused on vocal harmony and giving glory to God. I really like working with this group. We're all mature people, played a lot of music in our lives, so there is a lot of mutual respect, and no ego's or weird personality stuff. I feel like everyone is on the same page. Rehearsals are efficient and challenging.

Here's hoping for a great season!!!


Okay what....

Posted by Dan Wiebe on June 23, 2008 at 2:02 PM Comments comments ()

Summer is here in all its glory and heat.  My body has a natural cooling system and it works quite I sweat a lot!

Looks like Ukulele Ray and Kokonutz could take off and provide more work for the fall. I'm still getting to know the its one day at a time. I'm excited about getting a group together that can play tropical music, I've always loved playing calypso, reggae style, and beleive there is a large market for the music, so I've got my fingers crossed.

The Open Mic is doing well...very unpredictable, but I like the variety..."life is like a bowl of chocolates. You never know what you're going to get." I have maybe 2 or 3 regulars, but there are always different people coming in. I love meeting and chatting with everyone.

the season is winding down

Posted by Dan Wiebe on March 14, 2008 at 10:28 AM Comments comments ()

What a great season I've had this year. The Timeless Melodies group has been a blast, I've learned a ton of new music and really stretched myself, doing real shows where people sit and expect to be entertained. I haven't done this stuff in a long long time. I'm hoping it will build for even more work next year.

I recently aquired an upright bass, and what a great instrument to tackle. I use tackle because it requires  strengh and power to make it work. I've played  electric bass for years and knew the transition to upright would take some time, and it's coming along well..Doing the Gospel shows with the Timeless Melodies group was my main motivation for getting an upright. The southern style gospel music  just sceams for the upright. I may join another group to jump start my upright playing. If I can find some steady summer work, I'd be a real upright player by  fall.